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Beyond the Horizon Report: a plan and a call for participation

Two weeks ago I floated the idea of creating a new project, a future of education and technology initiative that would go beyond the late Horizon Report. I wasn’t sure if anyone would respond, to be honest.  This is awkward … Continue reading

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Three more hints from the future

Today I’d like to continue my practice of sharing news stories that seem especially future-significant.  It’s part of horizon scanning.  (Check this article for an introduction.) For each story I’ll include a quick description, some supporting links, and a brisk … Continue reading

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Our book club’s next reading is… Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That’ll Improve and/or Ruin Everything

Last week I asked readers to vote for our book club‘s next reading.  After a very energetic process (117 votes, 7 comments, plenty of stuff on Twitter and via email), we have a new title. The winner is…. Kelly and … Continue reading

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Preserving today’s digital universe for the future: an important call

In the years to come, how can universities, libraries, and museums best preserve the digital present for the future? This has been a vital question for decades, but has taken on a new dimension of late as automation and algorithms … Continue reading

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Libraries, ed tech, net neutrality, and online learning: this month on the Future Trends Forum

Over the rest of January the Future Trends Forum will explore several vital issues for the future of education and technology: Monday, January 8: Katie Linder, research director for Oregon State University’s Extended Campus, will introduce an exciting and possibly … Continue reading

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International students decline, and so do American university budgets

A slowdown in the number of international students heading to American colleges and universities has started putting pressure on those campuses while surprising none of my readers, according to the New York Times.  All right, the Times didn’t assess your … Continue reading

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Beyond the Horizon Report: towards a new project

The Horizon Report, produced by the New Media Consortium, seems to be ending with that group’s liquidation.  (To learn more about the NMC’s sudden demise read here and here.) What’s next? Will the Horizon project become a historical artifact and … Continue reading

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What should our online book club read next?

What should our online book club read next?  After all, what better way to start a new year than by reading a book together! (One note from our last reading: Benjamin Kahn published a fine blog post about Cathy O’Neil’s Weapons … Continue reading

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Happy new year!

All best wishes for the new year, dear readers.

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Having hope about the world and education in 2018

On the winter solstice, the northern hemisphere’s darkest day, I shared some dark thoughts about the future of education, technology, and society. Things haven’t gotten much better since.  This morning Wunderground * sent me their daily weather update: Today is forecast … Continue reading

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