On the Web

I’ve been sharing thoughts and conducting experiments on the web for years:

Twitter: I spend a lot of productive time here doing professional communication, crowdsourcing questions, learning, and sharing thoughts.

Blogging: My primary blogging venue is on BryanAlexander.org.  That’s where I explore higher education, technology, and the future.

I was of the lead writers for NITLE‘s Techne blog from 2010 through 2014.  From 2006 through 2010 I was also the main writer for its predecessor, Liberal Education Today.  You can see an archive copy of both blogs here.

My wife and I coauthor a blog about our off-the-grid homesteading work, Scaling the Peak.

The New Digital Storytelling is the archive of my first book’s blog, which lasted about one year.

Infocult has been exploring the ways we fear digital technologies for nearly a decade.

Draculablog is a republishing and digital storytelling project, blogging Stoker’s entire novel according to its internal calendar (noted at BoingBoing, 2005).

I also wrote for the Smartmobs blog team for several years.

Web gaming: I’ve organized NITLE’s prediction markets game ever since helping launch it in 2008.  Here’s one article I published in 2009, explaining it and exploring what we’ve learned.

Bookmarks: Diigo and Pinboard are where I share Web resources of interest.  Also on Diigo is the Gaming and Liberal Education group, which I facilitate through NITLE.    I was an early adopter and energetic user of Delicious; that archive is still there, until Yahoo decides otherwise.


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