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A 21st century strongman, enabled by the internet: a case study

How can a politician and their supporters use social media to build up power?  Lauren Etter‘s Bloomberg News article “What Happens When the Government Uses Facebook as a Weapon?” offers a chilling account of how Philippine president Duterte and his supporters deployed trolling, targeted … Continue reading

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The future of libraries lies in younger, nonwhite people without college degrees

How will libraries change?  Who will use and support them? A new update from Pew Research suggests that while most Americans value libraries, certain populations are more likely to support them than others, especially when it comes to learning from … Continue reading

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Launching the new NMC digital literacy report today

Today a research project I’ve been working on for several months will be released. The New Media Consortium has organized a new report on digital literacy.  It’s a sequel and expansion to its 2016 report, which I also contributed to. … Continue reading

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Maybe social media is good for us after all

During last year’s American election many people became convinced that using social media warped users’ understanding.  Getting news from Twitter or Facebook helped slide us into comfortable bubbles, or heightened hateful rhetoric, or opened us wide to fake news, or … Continue reading

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What fake news is doing to digital literacy

Yesterday I keynoted a virtual conference on digital literacy and fake news.  Actually, I helped organize an opening panel, then took notes on sessions, then offered a closing presentation. Here are my notes, with a couple of the slides.  The whole … Continue reading

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Digital literacy and fake news: a free online discussion tomorrow

Tomorrow – June 1st – I’m going to present at and facilitate a free, web-based discussion on digital literacy, fake news, and libraries.   Please join us. Here’s the official description: What does “digital literacy” mean in an era shaped … Continue reading

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A new digital literacy project begins, and is looking for examples

Here’s a new initiative I’m working on, and a chance for you to participate. I’m leading a project with the New Media Consortium (NMC) to conduct further independent research into higher education’s digital literacy landscape. This project will be positioned … Continue reading

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