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Having hope about the world and education in 2018

On the winter solstice, the northern hemisphere’s darkest day, I shared some dark thoughts about the future of education, technology, and society. Things haven’t gotten much better since.  This morning Wunderground * sent me their daily weather update: Today is forecast … Continue reading

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On the solstice, dark thoughts for 2018

Today is the winter solstice.  It is the longest night of the year, for those of us on Earth’s northern hemisphere.  In that hemisphere’s northern country, where I live, it can also be a day of cold, snow, and ice, … Continue reading

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20 years into the future of education, via Blackboard

Learning management system giant Blackboard recently published a series of interviews concerning the future of education (pdf).  It’s a useful look into some key ideas and trends. I’m not sure how Blackboard assembled these people, or by what criteria, but … Continue reading

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What happens after American higher education contracts?

What will American higher education look like after it shrinks? Let’s follow up on this week’s peak higher education reflection.  For the sake of argument, let’s assume peak higher ed happened, and the post-secondary sector contracts.  Call it a market … Continue reading

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Visualizing where Americans graduate from

Here’s a good visualization of how demographics are changing education.  Two Hechinger authors, Isaac Carey and Jon Marcus, built a good map based on WICHE data: This charts projected high school grads for 2031, based on current demographics and graduation … Continue reading

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When education doomsayers aren’t grim enough

Recently Inside Higher Ed ran two columns arguing that higher education is in serious trouble.  Their titles proclaimed a very grim analysis: “What Happens If Higher Ed Collapses?” and “The Culling of Higher Ed Begins”.  Both contain useful bits of … Continue reading

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How the university enrollment crisis plays out in summer 2017: two stories

American higher education enrollment has declined for the past half decade.  My readers know this well, as it’s a theme I return to frequently, yet it’s surprising how few college and university discussions really take this trend into account.  Combined … Continue reading

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