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Comparing two digital storytelling methods

This weekend I performed a small digital storytelling experiment.  I created one story and published it through two different venues.  Which worked better? The story is a simple one about Vermont’s winter passing unusually quickly, giving way to a surging … Continue reading

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Digital storytelling: practice and place

This morning I made another digital story about winter.  It’s called “No More Mrs. Nice Winter”, and although I can’t embed it here, you can just follow that link.  Here’s a sample image from it, also linked: I’ve been using … Continue reading

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What “I want to have a conversation” really means

A popular phrase uttered by policymakers, administrators, and activists is “I want to have a conversation about…”  Many big topics can fit with these words, apparently, from racism to classism to higher education and the rise of robots.  Sometimes the … Continue reading

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Mobile and game-based storytelling

A fine new book on mobile storytelling has just appeared in print.  It’s edited by Jason Farman, and entitled The Mobile Story (Routledge, 2014; Amazon).  Articles address a wide range of issues, from augmented reality to museums, GPS, texting, and haunting. … Continue reading

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Your chat bot, yourself

what would i say? is a fun Web experiment, a bot that generates simulated Facebook status updates based on your own Facebooking.  Connect with Facebook, and the bot attempts to be you, combining randomly selected bits of your writing. Technically speaking, it … Continue reading

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Storytelling by Twitter

Seattle Noir is yet another Twitter-based storytelling project.  It’s microstorytelling, really, as each bit of story consists of a single Tweet. Said Tweets combine noir fiction (plot and/or style) with life in Seattle, flagged by the hashtag #SeattleNoir.  For example, … Continue reading

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The jock, the tragic love, the digital hoax

[T]he death, then, of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably, the most poetical topic in the world — and equally is it beyond doubt that the lips best suited for such topic are those of a bereaved lover. -Poe, “The Philosophy … Continue reading

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