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American higher education enrollment declines again. For the 6th year.

The number of people enrolled in American higher education declined in fall 2017. That numbers has declined steadily for the past six years. My readers, viewers, listeners, and clients know that I’ve been talking about this as a major trend … Continue reading

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The 21st century is a new Gilded Age observes Swiss bank, who should know

What does the world look like when the superrich take off from the rest of us?  A new study by Swiss banking giant UBS gives us a glimpse. UBS has been conducting a regular survey of billionaires for some time.  … Continue reading

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Are American attitudes towards higher education segmenting?

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll examines American attitudes towards higher education, and it’s very useful, even concerning stuff. I’ll pull out the trends I find most interesting. To begin with, overall faith in higher ed is declining.  This is really … Continue reading

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Changing America: important new research on religious belief

How American society is changing is a vital topic for anyone thinking about education to consider.  I’ve written about demographics, politics, technology, and macroeconomics, but have not yet addressed an important force: religious belief.  Fortunately, a new study just appeared … Continue reading

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Top campus IT trends: our new report

I just finished working on a research report for the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR). It’s a deep dive into the major trends shaping campus IT work and environments. “Trend Watch 2017: Which IT Trends Is Higher Education … Continue reading

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Updated American demographics: becoming an older, more diverse nation

Demographics are a key tool in the futurist’s toolbox.  They represents trends that tend to be more durable than most others.  For education, demographic trends have a powerful influence, shaping the populations we serve in many ways. For instance, consider … Continue reading

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Several dark stories and trends for higher education this week

Over the past week I enjoyed numerous conversations with faculty and staff from more than one hundred colleges, universities, museums, and libraries, a good number from countries other than the US.  I also: facilitated several discussions, both online and in … Continue reading

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